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pachctl debug log-level

Learn about the pachctl_debug_log-level command

September 7, 2023

pachctl debug log-level #

Change the log level across Pachyderm.

Synopsis #

Change the log level across Pachyderm.

pachctl debug log-level <level> [flags]

Options #

  -d, --duration duration   how long to log at the non-default level (default 5m0s)
  -g, --grpc                adjust the grpc log level instead of the pachyderm log level
  -h, --help                help for log-level
  -r, --recursive           set the log level on all pachyderm pods; if false, only the pachd that handles this RPC (default true)

Options inherited from parent commands #

      --no-color   Turn off colors.
  -v, --verbose    Output verbose logs