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Target Audience

Discover if our platform is the right solution for your large-scale data processing and analysis needs.

January 30, 2023

Target Audience #

HPE ML Data Management is designed for data engineers and data scientists who are managing and processing large amounts of data in a scalable and efficient manner. HPE ML Data Management is ideal for organizations working with big data and require robust, version-controlled, reproducible, and distributed data pipelines.

It is particularly useful for large unstructured data processing jobs, such as dataset curation for computer vision, speech recognition, video analytics, NLP, and many others.

Non-Target Audience #

HPE ML Data Management is not intended for users who do not require large-scale data processing and analysis. For instance, data scientists who are just starting with a small project may not need HPE ML Data Management’s distributed system. Additionally, users with limited experience with containerization, cloud computing, and distributed systems may find it challenging to use HPE ML Data Management effectively.